Empowering kids to innovate. Turning ideas into reality!

Our Mission:


We teach kids, ages 8-16, the skills to become innovators in the fields of engineering, science, technology and mathematics.

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Our Mission

We strive to build confidence in each individual child to engage in the fast growing world of technology. We believe that exposure to and mastery of techniques and skills used in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at an early age will ensure a bright future in these fields and others.

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Our Teaching Philosophy

The role of the instructor is as lead learner.  As the lead learner, the role of the instructor shifts from being the source of knowledge to being a leader in seeking knowledge.  We don’t always give the students the answer to a question straight away. We encourage the use of trial and error to find a way to solve the problem themselves. Our philosophy is that by experimenting, troubleshooting and collaborating, students are able to better understand and retain important ideas and concepts.